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“Biology First” advantage

Amgen’s approach to drug discovery starts with seeking to understand the fundamental mechanisms of a disease and then using our expertise across multiple modalities to develop the appropriate protein, antibody, small molecule, peptide or other modality necessary to hit a disease target. This agnostic approach—and deep internal knowledge of how diseases work—makes Amgen positioned to see the value of innovations from potential partners.

Investing in external innovation

Roughly 50 percent of Amgen’s late-stage pipeline comes from external innovation—proof that we are willing to invest in innovations to make a meaningful difference for patients, regardless of their origin.

Unique strength in protein engineering

Modifying protein structures to optimize a biologic medicine is a complex process. Amgen has industry-leading expertise in this area to potentially improve innovations conceived both inside and outside the company.

Global clinical trial experience

Amgen has extensive experience in conducting large-scale clinical trials—which have included nearly 30,000 patients and 20 trials for a single investigational medicine.

Leading biologics manufacturing capability

With more than three decades of experience and a record of reliably supplying medicines to patients, Amgen is recognized worldwide as a leader in manufacturing complex biologic therapies.

Successful launch track record

Amgen has extensive experience launching products into existing therapeutic areas—and new ones. Our pioneering efforts with denosumab, for example, have yielded sales approaching $2 billion in 2014 while reaching patients around the world.

Commercial infrastructure to bring medicines globally

Once Amgen medicines have been approved, we have the potential to bring them to patients on a global scale with a presence in more than 75 countries.