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Amgen’s Business Development Team

  • David Piacquad's Picture

    David Piacquad

    Senior Vice President Business Development

  • William Erb

    Vice President Business Development

  • An image of Bethany Mancilla

    Bethany Mancilla

    Vice President Business Development

  • An image of Casey Capparelli

    Casey Capparelli

    Executive Director Alliance Management / Integration

  • An image of Jessica Droge

    Jessica Droge, Ph.D.

    Executive Director External R&D

  • Jeremy Grunstein, Ph.D.

    Executive Director Technology / Outlicensing

  • An image of Syed Kazmi

    Syed Kazmi, Ph.D.

    Executive Director Transactions

  • An image of Rachna Khosla

    Rachna Khosla

    Executive Director Transactions

  • An image of Janis Naeve

    Janis Naeve, Ph.D.

    Managing Director Amgen Ventures

  • Joyce Chan

    Joyce Chan, Ph.D.

    Director Cardiovascular / Metabolic

  • Chris DeRespino

    Director Transactions

  • Helen Kim's picture

    Helen Kim, Ph.D.

    Director Technology

  • An image of Olaf Koenig

    Olaf Koenig, Ph.D.

    Director Transactions Europe / Russia

  • Alex Rabiee's picture

    Alex Rabiee

    Director Transactions

  • An image of Tom Storey

    Tom Storey

    Director Lead Technology Innovation

  • An image of Alex Turner Jr.

    Alex Turner Jr., Ph.D.

    Director Bone / Nephrology / Neuroscience

  • An image of Ursula Vosylius Amgen

    Ursula Vosylius, J.D.

    Director Alliance Management

  • An image of Stacie Wild

    Stacie Wild, Ph.D.

    Director Alliance Management

  • Omari Wise

    Omari Wise

    Director Transactions Analytics

  • An image of Tracy Blois

    Tracy Blois, Ph.D.

    Senior Manager Alliance Management

  • An image of Madhuri Borde

    Madhuri Borde, Ph.D.

    Senior Manager Business Intelligence

  • An image of Warren D'Souza

    Warren D'Souza, Ph.D.

    Senior Manager Oncology

  • Ken Jung's image

    Ken Jung, MS

    Senior Manager Technology

  • An image of Greg Lauer

    Greg Lauer

    Senior Manager Alliance Management

  • An image of Robyn Murphy

    Robyn Murphy

    Senior Manager Alliance Management

  • An image of Gladys Nunez

    Gladys Nunez, MS

    Principal Amgen Ventures

  • An image of Tara Pabst Marra

    Tara Pabst Marra

    Senior Project Manager Operations

  • Samantha Palmer image

    Samantha Palmer, Ph.D.

    Senior Manager Inflammation

  • Am image of Becky Pferdehirt

    Becky Pferdehirt

    Senior Manager Technology

  • An image of Thaminda Ramanayake

    Thaminda Ramanayake

    Senior Manager Transactions

  • an image of Mark Stead

    Mark Stead, Ph.D.

    Senior Manager Technology

  • Chester Wong

    Chester Wong

    Senior Manager Transactions

  • An image of Erin Denny

    Erin Denny, Ph.D.

    Manager Oncology

  • An image of Georgiana Kuhlmann

    Georgiana Kuhlmann

    Manager Business Intelligence

  • An image of Allison Sargoy

    Allison Sargoy, Ph.D.

    Manager Academic Licensing